Sightsee and Stay Active

Sightsee and Stay Active

One of the struggles I’ve had while traveling is maintaining proper wellness and balance. For me, experiencing (and overindulging) on the food and beverage of the place I’m visiting is the highlight of my trip, and my fitness goals usually aren’t at the front of my mind.

Fortunately, there are many ways to experience a destination while staying active. For me, the best way to see a new city requires nothing more than a good pair of sneakers.

Going on a run is one of my favorite ways to experience a city and cover lots of ground. I make a point to try and do this at the beginning of my trips, and it affords me a unique way to experience a place and uncover the unexpected.

When I take off on foot, there are many easy ways to explore your surroundings. Depending on where I am, I will hop off right from the hotel, or take the subway or bus across town and make the journey back.

Look at a map and mark off a few sites you want to explore: traverse the trendy neighborhood you read about, drive a path through the city center, and swing by those city parks and plazas you read about.

By running a city, I’ve covered a lot more ground and seen the city in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise. On countless occasions, I’ve stumbled upon outdoor events, great bars and restaurants, or local neighborhoods that I wanted to return to. I simply stop and save them to my Google Maps app on my phone to explore them later.

Many cities around the world have free or low-cost running clubs, including those tailoring to the LGBTQ community. These are great ways to meet locals and tourists alike. Just google the city and running club and see what pops up! Plus, I can’t help but mention Runnin’City, which is a free app that helps you discover over 200 cities around the world through jogs.

If running isn’t your thing, don’t fret! I’ve put in miles and miles in different city destinations by foot walking. I have rented bicycles for days and trekked around destinations, and almost every city has options for this. And don’t forget the advent of scooters that blanket many cities. Mix travel means and modes to extend your reach for an extended city tour experience.

Here are some of the best running cities in America.

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