Hotels and Accomodation

Airbnb is naturally a great option with millions of different accommodations in every corner of the planet. You can really find some amazing values. If you’re willing to get a private room in someone’s home you can often meet the prices of multiple dorm bed hostels, or utilize that option if there are no hostels around. While I definitely love the amenities of a hotel, sometimes the perks, value, and space of an Airbnb make it a more appealing option.


Google hotels:
Google has a little known but amazing search engine when it comes to finding hotels. Lately, it has been a go-to resource to find great hotel rates in destinations I am visiting. Recently, I found a 3 night stay at the Sheraton in New Orleans over Labor Day weekend for $331 through Google via an unheard of hotel booking site (TravelUp) while the rate went for nearly double elsewhere.


More well-known and a similar aggregate searcher of hotel prices like Google, Trivago has also been a top option. I recommend doing a search on both here and Google hotels and see what comes up. You’ll be surprised to still see some price differences between them.