I actually stopped using Skyscanner for a while, thinking I had everything I needed from Google Flights and Kayak. Nevertheless, on a trip from Philadelphia to South Africa, I could only find the incredible $300 one way fare on Skyscanner, so I’ve added this resource back into my tools.


Secret Flying:
This is a website and an app, but I only use the app. I caught wind recently that this app was now free as it previously came as a subscription service, and nownI’m totally hooked. On the app, you select your location (its broad based, so you can only select “USA” for example, instead of your home city or wherever you want to search from. It will send instant notifications when a deal is posted straight to your phone. Recently, it meant a $260 round trip fare to Madrid from Newark, $300 from Philadelphia to Johannesburg on Qatar Airways one way (which routed me to Skyscanner as mentioned above), and $100 flights to Florida to see family. They occasionally show hotel deals as well, and I even booked the Sheraton in Boston for only $19 a night, but this error fare was later cancelled by the booking site. Fortunately, they tend to display when a fare is likely an “error fare” and to wait until the booking is confirmed before proceeding with accompanying travel arrangements. The major downside to Secret Flying is you can’t get notifications for just one airport or group of airports. Instead, it informs you of all flight deals occurring from the region. For example, I often get notifications for west coast airports despite being on the east coast. Nevertheless, I have found it to be extremely beneficial in finding great fares.